*Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, 4 years

    Major Requirements

    BIOL-110 Elements of Biology
    LAW-101 Legal Institution in Cyprus or
    PSCI-105 State and Local Government
    PSY-110 General Psychology I
    PSY-111 General Psychology II
    PSY-210 Social Psychology 
    SOWK-110 The Filed of Social Work
    SOWK-230 Foundations of Social Work Practice
    SOWK-310 Social Work Practice/Work Practice
    SOWK-320 Social Work Practice/Mezzo Systems
    SOWK-330 Social Work Practice/Macro Systems
    SOWK-340 Social Work Research
    SOWK-350 Junior Practicum in Social Work 
    SOWK-360 Micro/Mezzo Human Behaviour in the Social Environment
    SOWK-365 Macro Human Behaviour in the Social Environment
    SOWK-370 Social Welfare Policy and Services
    SOWK-450 Senior Practicum Social Work
    SOWK-460 Capstone Seminar Social Work
    SOWK-490 Thesis
    SOC-101 Principles of Sociology

    Major Electives

    SOWK-200 Working with and for Youth 
    SOWK-210 Working with and for the Aged
    SOWK-303 Social Work with Families
    SOWK-304 Intercultural Social Work
    SOWK-390 Understanding Addictions
    SOWK-403 Social Work in Health Settings
    SOWK-410 Administration of Social Agencies
    SOWK-411 Social Work in European Union
    SOWK-430 Issues in Disabilities
    PSY-220 Child and Adolescent Development 
    PSY-240 Abnormal Psychology 
    PSY-250A Psychology of Personality
    PSY-270 Health Psychology 
    PSY-360 Adult Development and Aging
    PSY-430 Techniques of Counselling 
    SCO-103 Social Problems 
    SCO-220 Race and Ethnic Relations
    SCO-250 Gender Studies
    SCO-260 Deviance
    SCO-310 Marriage and the Family
    SCO-315 Urban and Community Sociology

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02 College Selection: Based on your academic profile we assist you in finding the University best suited for you.

03 Standardized Test Preparation: Our advisors prepare you for the standardized tests required for your admission into an American Institution.

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