*Music, Bahelor of Arts, 4 years
*Music, Bachelor of Arts, 4 years

    MUS-467E Practical Studies VII – MUED
    MUS-480E Junior Recital – MUED

    Concentration II Requirements

    Music Performance Studies
    MUS-351 Chamber Music I
    MUS-352 Chamber Music II
    MUS-361 Pedagogy: Instrumental/Voice I
    MUS-362 Pedagogy: Instrumental/Voice II
    MUS-365P Practical Studies V - PEST
    MUS-380 Acoustics and tech in Music
    MUS-390P Junior Recital - PEST
    MUS-453 Chamber Music III
    MUS-454 Chamber Music IV
    MUS-467P Practical Studies VII - PEST
    MUS-490P Senior Recital - PEST

    Music Electives

    MUS-115 Guitar I
    MUS-120 Guitar II
    MUS-131 Voice Training I
    MUS-141 World Music Regional Studies I
    MUS-145 Ethnomusicology
    MUS-230 Theory & Hist of Byzantine Music
    MUS-232 Voice Training II
    MUS-235Byzantine Chanting 
    MUS-242 World Music Regional Studies II
    MUS-245 Intro to Jazz Concepts & Techniques
    MUS-255 Jazz Studies and Ensembles
    MUS-312 Fugue II
    MUS-322 Orchestration II
    MUS-335 Music for Pre-Primary Education
    MUS-350 Music Admin and Management
    MUS-355 Music Therapy
    MUS-372 Rehearsing and Directing II
    MUS-412 Advanced Composing and Improvising 
    MUS-430 Advanced Musical Analysis
    MUS-440 Advanced Music Accompaniment
    MUS-455 Aesthetics in Music
    MUS-460 Musical Criticism
    MUS-491 Independent Study 
    Foreign Language
    Language Expression
    Computer and Math Electives
    Humanities Electives
    Social Science Electives

We provide our students with the following services:

01 Course Recommendation: Based on your educational background and practical experience we suggest the course you are most likely to succed in.

02 College Selection: Based on your academic profile we assist you in finding the University best suited for you.

03 Standardized Test Preparation: Our advisors prepare you for the standardized tests required for your admission into an American Institution.

04 Statement of Purpose / Essays Review and Editing / Resume Editing: We assist our students while preparing the Statement of Purpose and also review and edit their Essays and Resume, and essay editing services.

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