*International Relations, Master of Arts, 18 Months

    Major Requirements

    IREL-500 Theory of International Relations
    IREL-510 World Politics in the Twentieth Century
    IREL-520 International Politics Economy
    IREL-530 Foreign Policy Analysis
    IREL-540 Conflict Analysis
    IREL-550 International Law
    IREL-560 Political Philosophy and Epistemology in International Relations
    IREL-561 Research Methodologies
    IREL-570 European Integration

    Major Electives

    IREL-600 Peace, Security and the United National
    IREL-603 Contextual Analysis of “Great Texts” in IR
    IREL-610 Current European Issues
    IREL-615 Issues in International Economics
    IREL-620 International Mediation and Negotiation 
    IREL-625 Human Rights and Ethnical Debates in IR
    IREL-630 The Role of the Media in IR
    IREL-640 The Environment in International Relations
    IREL-650 The Practice of Diplomacy
    IREL-660 Case Studies in Conflict Analysis
    IREL-665 Ethnic Conflict and IR 
    IREL-667 Greco-Turkish Relations
    IREL-669 Causes and Responses to Terrorism in the New Millennium
    IREL-671 International Seminar
    IREL-680 Middle Eastern Studies
    IREL-685 Turkish Studies
    IREL-690 Cyprus After 1960
    IREL-695 Cyprus and the European Union
    IREL-670A M. A Thesis

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