*Law, Diploma, 2 years
*Law, Bachelor of Laws – L.L.B, 4 years

    Major Requirements

    LAW-100 Legal Skills
    LAW-101 Legal Institutions in Cyprus
    LAW-111 Criminal Law I
    LAW-112 Criminal Law II
    LAW-121 Constitutional Law I
    LAW-122 Constitutional Law II
    LAW-131 Law of Contract I
    LAW-132 Law of Contract II
    LAW-141 English Legal System I
    LAW-142 English Legal System II
    LAW-201 European Union Law I
    LAW-202 European Union Law II
    LAW-211 Law of Tort I
    LAW-212 Law of Tort II
    LAW-231 International Law I
    LAW-232 International Law II
    LAW-241 Criminal Law I
    LAW-242 Criminal Law II
    LAW-251 Land Law I
    LAW-252 Land Law II
    LAW-371A Internship I
    LAW-381A Public International Law I
    LAW-382A Public International Law II
    LAW-391 Law of Trusts I
    LAW-392 Law of trusts II
    LAW-401 Cyprus Institutions and System I
    LAW-402 Cyprus Institutions and System II
    LAW-411 Jurisprudence I
    LAW-412 Jurisprudence II
    LAW-416 Internship

    Law Electives

    LAW-080 Introduction to Law I
    LAW-090 Introduction to Law II
    LAW-301 Criminology
    LAW-302 Ethnicity and the Law
    LAW-303 Immigration Law and Policy
    LAW-305 Succession I
    LAW-306 Succession II
    LAW-315 Conflict of Law I
    LAW-316 Conflict of Law II
    LAW-331 Administrative Law I
    LAW-332 Administrative Law II
    LAW-335 Commercial Law I
    LAW-336 Commercial Law II

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01 Course Recommendation: Based on your educational background and practical experience we suggest the course you are most likely to succed in.

02 College Selection: Based on your academic profile we assist you in finding the University best suited for you.

03 Standardized Test Preparation: Our advisors prepare you for the standardized tests required for your admission into an American Institution.

04 Statement of Purpose / Essays Review and Editing / Resume Editing: We assist our students while preparing the Statement of Purpose and also review and edit their Essays and Resume, and essay editing services.

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