Human Biology, Bachelor of Science,4 years

    Major Requirements

    General Biology I
    General Biology II
    Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    Human Anatomy and Physiology II
    Intro to Microbiology and Virology
    Human to Microbiology variations
    Human Molecular Genetics
    Molecular Basis to Health and Disease
    Drug Action and Toxicology
    Human Biology and Culture
    Developmental Biology & Human Embryology
    Human Growth and Development
    Environmental Health
    Molecular Biology
    Human Nutrition
    Topics in Human Biology
    Senior research Project
    General Chemistry I
    General Chemistry II
    Finite Mathematics
    Calculus and Analysis Geometry I
    General Physics I
    General Physics II
    General Psychology I
    General Psychology II
    Brain and Behaviour
    Major Basic & Life Science Electives
    Elements of Biology
    Basic Concepts of Applied Biochemistry
    Human Evolution 
    Modern Genomics & Bioinformatics
    Seminars in Human Biology
    Public Health I: Health Care System 
    Public Health II: Epidemiology
    Perspectives of Biotechnology
    Intro to Organic & Biological Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry I
    Organic Chemistry II
    Calculus and Analytical Geometry II
    Advance Statistics
    Language Expression 
    Computer Electives
    Humanities Electives
    Social Sciences Electives

    Total Credits:

    *ECTS European Credit Transfer System (Under development)

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