*Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Science, 4 years

    Major Requirements

    CENG-200 Digital Systems I
    CENG-280 Microprocessors
    CENG-281 Microprocessors lab
    CENG-300 Digital Systems II
    CENG-301 Digital Systems Lab
    CENG-358 Data Communication and Computer Networks
    COMP-152/A Introduction to Programming
    EENG-120/A Network Analysis I / Electric Circuits I
    EENG-121/A Network Analysis I Lab / Electric Circuits Lab 
    EENG-130/A Network Analysis II / Electric Circuits II
    EENG-131/A Network Analysis II Lab / Electric Circuits II Lab
    EENG-230 Electromagnetics
    EENG-240 Electronics I 
    EENG-241 Electronics I Lab
    EENG-250 Electronics II 
    EENG-251 Electronics II lab
    EENG-260 Electronic Communications 
    EENG-261 Electronic Communications Lab
    EENG-270 Signals and Systems
    EENG-295 Control Systems
    EENG-330 Electromagnetics II
    EENG-360 Random Processes
    EENG-370 Digital Signal Processing
    EENG-493 Senior Year Project
    TENG-200 Principles of Telecommunications
    TENG-420 Microwave Circuits

    Engineering Electives
    Computer Electives
    Science Electives
    Maths Electives

    Language Expression
    Humanities Electives
    Social Sciences Electives

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