*Culinary Arts, Certificate, 1 year
*Culinary Arts, Diploma, 2 year

    Major Requirements

    CATR-100 Introduction to Culinary Arts
    CATR-103 Vegetables, Pulse and Fruits
    CATR-105 Fast Food
    CATR-106 Egg Dishes
    CATR-107 Stocks, Sauces and Soups
    CATR-108 Hors d’ Oeuvres
    CATR-109 Pasta and Rice
    CATR-110 Meat and Poultry
    CATR-11 Fish and Shellfish
    CATR-112 Menu Planning I
    CATR-113 Safety and Hygiene at Work
    CATR-115 Food and Drinks Studies I
    CATR-116 Pastry I
    CATR-117 Pastry II
    CATR-118 Food and Beverage service I 
    CATR-119 Food and Beverage service II
    CATR-120 Food and Drinks Studies II
    CATR-193 Hotel Practicum I
    CATR-211 DoughProducts/Pastry
    CATR-212 Menu Planning II
    CATR-213 Nouvelle Cuisine
    CATR-214 International Cuisine
    CATR-216 Dietary Cuisine
    CATR-217 Cyprus Cuisine
    CATR-219 Food Costing
    CATR-220 Buffet Catering
    CATR-222 Menu a la Carte
    CATR-224 Advanced Buffet Catering
    CATR-225 Traditional European Cakes/Pastries
    CATR-226 Advanced Patisserie/Dessert
    CATR-227 Sugar Craft, Artistry and Chocolate
    CATR-228 Kitchen Organisation and Management
    CATR-229 Production Systems, Planning and Maintenance
    CATR-231 Costing and Budgets and Control
    CATR-232 Menu Policy, Marketing and Promotion
    CATR-233 Food and Beverage Services III
    CATR-234 Science of food and Nutrition
    CATR-235 Healthy Cuisine
    CATR-236 Food Beverage Service IV
    CATR-293 Hotel Practicum II

    Languages Expression
    Foreign Languages

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