*Business Administration, Diploma, 2 years
*Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, 4 years

with an optional foundation year *Business Administration, Bachelor of science, 4years

    Major Requirements

    ACCT-110   Accounting I
    ACCT-111   Accounting II
    ACCT-211   Managerial Accounting
    BADM-230   Business Law
    BADM-234   Organisational Behaviour
    BADM-475   Strategy and Business Policy
    ECON-261   Principles of Microeconomics
    ECON-262   Principles of Macroeconomics
    FIN-266       Managerial Finance
    IMGT-488    Operations Management
    MGT-281     Introduction to Management
    MKTG-291   Marketing
    BADM-431   Research Methods in Business
    BADM-439   Senior Stimulation in Business OR
    COMP-454   Information Systems Project OR
    BADM-493   Final year Project 
    Concentration Electives

    FIN-215        Personal Finance
    FIN-225 Financial Services Law
    FIN-366 Corporate Finance
    BANK-380 Bank Financial Management
    FIN-430 International Financial Management
    FIN-440 Financial Analysis
    ECON-361 National Income Analysis and Forecasting
    ECON-363 Money and Banking
    ECON-466 Managerial Economics
    ECON-480 International Economic Integration
    IMGT-486 Quantitative Methods
    FIN-266 Managerial Finance

    Major Electives

    Language Expression
    Computer and Maths Electives
    Computer Electives
    Maths Electives
    Liberal Arts Electives
    Humanities Electives
    Social Sciences Electives

We provide our students with the following services:

01 Course Recommendation: Based on your educational background and practical experience we suggest the course you are most likely to succed in.

02 College Selection: Based on your academic profile we assist you in finding the University best suited for you.

03 Standardized Test Preparation: Our advisors prepare you for the standardized tests required for your admission into an American Institution.

04 Statement of Purpose / Essays Review and Editing / Resume Editing: We assist our students while preparing the Statement of Purpose and also review and edit their Essays and Resume, and essay editing services.

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