Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy, Diploma, 2 years

We provide our students with the following services:

    Major Requirements

    Professional Ethics
    Facial Therapy Practical I
    Facial Therapy Theory I
    Facial Electrotherapy Practical II
    Facial electrotherapy Theory II
    Body Treatments Practical I
    Body Treatment Theory I


    Make Up Practical
    Make Up Theory
    Electrolysis Practical I
    Electrolysis Theory I
    Human Physiology and Anatomy I
    Human Physiology and Anatomy II
    Electro technology
    Cosmetic Science
    Aromatherapy Practical I
    Aromatherapy Theory I
    Manicure and Pedicure Practical 
    Manicure and Pedicure Theory 
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Salon Management 
    Facial Therapy (Practical) III
    Body Electrotherapy Practical II
    Body Electrotherapy Theory II
    Body Electrotherapy Theory III
    Advanced Make up Practical
    Advanced Make up Theory
    Electrolysis Practical II
    Electrolysis Theory II
    Electrolysis Practical III
    Principles of Kinesiology
    Aromatherapy Practical II
    Aromatherapy Theory II
    Aromatherapy Practical III
    Nutrition and Diet
    Plastic Surgery
    Practicum I
    Practicum II

    Total Credits

We provide our students with the following services:

01 Course Recommendation: Based on your educational background and practical experience we suggest the course you are most likely to succed in.

02 College Selection: Based on your academic profile we assist you in finding the University best suited for you.

03 Standardized Test Preparation: Our advisors prepare you for the standardized tests required for your admission into an American Institution.

04 Statement of Purpose / Essays Review and Editing / Resume Editing: We assist our students while preparing the Statement of Purpose and also review and edit their Essays and Resume, and essay editing services.

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